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Flames Of Desire: A Steamy Reunion Love Story (Class Of ’11 Reunion Book 2) by Sudha Nair

Publisher: Kalari Publishing
Pages: 219
Price: Rs. 111 INR(Kindle Edition)
Buy here: https://amzn.to/3hJjCbl

My take on the book:

Pooja, now a very busy pediatrician in Kerala and Dinesh, a restaurant owner in the US meet under unusual circumstances at their school reunion after a decade. Interestingly, they never spoke to each other when in school, Pooja being the studious nerd and Dinesh the compulsive prankster of the class.

As they get to know each other during the three days of the reunion, there is instant attraction and both decide to indulge in a no-strings-attached relationship for a few days, before either of them returned to their respective lives. Will this just be a fun fling as Pooja and Dinesh assume it to be and how it will change their lives forms the rest of the story.

This is the second book in the Class of ’11 Reunion series, after the first one Flames of Love . Those who read the first book would be pleasantly surprised to realize the second book is set against the backdrop of the same reunion event; this book narrates the story of Pooja and Dinesh from the same class.

While the second book can be read standalone, readers who read the first book will enjoy the scenes where characters from the first book cross over to this book. It is also interesting to recall glimpses of Pooja and Dinesh as supporting characters from the first book.

The reunion is only a reason for Pooja and Dinesh to meet, as the rest of the story happens away from it. The characters are well developed; along with the protagonists the supporting characters also get good footage. The narration is engaging and fast paced without even a single dull moment.

The protagonist’s career and family are also well weaved into the narration along with their romance and intimate moments, making the story a wholesome experience with the right mix of emotions. As with the earlier book, the local cuisine and culture are interspersed well into the narration.

If you are a fan of the romance genre, then pick this one for a sweet and feel good love story which thoroughly entertains.

My rating: