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Flames Of Love: A Steamy Reunion Love Story (Class Of ’11 Reunion Book 1) by Sudha Nair

Publisher: Kalari Publishing
Pages: 108
Price: Rs. 110 INR(Kindle edition)
Buy here: https://amzn.to/3ed9nZo

My take on the book:

Class of 2011 high school students planned a reunion after ten years in Alleppey, Kerala. Giri and Meenakshi are reluctant to attend it despite friendly reminders from their erstwhile classmates. Meenakshi has moved on by marrying Suren, but Giri remained single, unable to forget his love for Meenakshi and their unexpected, sudden breakup.

Nevertheless, both still land at the reunion party, trying to be social and behave normal with each other. What lies in store for these two and meeting each other after a decade means to their future, forms the rest of the story.

Reunion stories carry inherent interest as there is a past that is yet to unfold to the readers. Giri and Meenakshi’s story also starts in a similar way — how long-lost friends and lovers always pick the conversation right from the place they have left it many years ago. The characters are well designed, and the reader will immediately get absorbed in their journey and emotions. The author maintains the narration pace uniformly, and at just over 100 pages, it makes for a quick read. I wished the story was longer though, as the protagonists’ story is so immersive that the reader will keep wanting more.

The chemistry between Giri and Meenakshi is sizzling as they complement each other perfectly. The reunion theme will remind readers of their school and college days. The backdrop of Kerala is well mingled in the story like the local culture, food and houseboats.

I only wish there was more emotional connect between them as some parts of the story is taken over by their romance. The supporting characters are given limited scope. If you love romance genre, then this one is a must read, especially for the way the story concludes.

My rating: