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Thank God I’m Fired: A Corporate Enigma — by Sandeep Pawar

Pages: 43

Price: Rs. 49 INR (Kindle Edition)


Buy here: https://amzn.to/2XTHTxz

What do you do when you think you are trapped in the wrong job? Leave the job and do what you love. Simple, isn’t it? But what if you neither have the guts to leave the job nor know what you love to do? Complicated, isn’t it?
Meet Raghav, who like millions of other software professionals, is stuck in a similar situation. But don’t worry, his destiny has better plans for him. What plans you may ask? Well, getting him fired.
This novella takes you on a light-hearted tour of the contemporary software industry where you can ask the haunting question loudly- is getting sacked a blessing in disguise?

About the author: 
Sandeep is a software professional and lives in Pune. He is an IIT Bombay alumnus but doesn’t brag about it unless a situation emerge. He spends more time observing people than on his monitor. He loves tea but hates many things like writing about himself as a third person. 
Thank God I’m Fired is his second book.

My take on the book:

Raghav just got fired; does it make him happy since he always believed he was struck in the wrong job or losing his first job abruptly is gonna upset him?

The story starts with the inevitable happening, the protagonist Raghav getting fired, and then the narration goes back in time from when he joined the job, his experiences in past few months, his colleagues, his team, his work, the general environment of his workplace. A chance encounter helps Raghav rekindle his friendship with his training batch mate Indu, and how this relationship brings the much needed motivation and change in his life forms the rest of the story.

The story starts as any other contemporary fiction with the backdrop of a corporate and how the employees are unhappy with their professional life, how they try to escape their monotonous work life. However, the story gradually builds into more prominent stuff with Indu coming across other skills of Raghav and motivating him to make that big decision about his future and his career.

This is a short story and stays to the point without unnecessary stuff. Within the limited pages, the characters are built well and the story is engrossing till the end. I could only wish the theme to be something different and unique as corporate life has been a done-to-death concept off late.

Pick this one for a short fun read which also has a good message at the end. If you are someone from IT profession, you will relate more to the story.

My rating: