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An Anthology of my Hues by Shreya Banerjee

Publisher: Half Baked Beans
Pages: 102
Price: Rs. 69 INR(Kindle Edition)
ASIN: B0863Z1N4T
Buy here: https://amzn.to/3cor7ys

We live in an urban mess, we live in times that require us to loose ourselves in the demands of our cities. finding yourself can get hard in the induced sense of hurry the city programmes into us.

The challenge we all have to live up to us that of finding ourselves, feeling our emotions and still maintaining our poise, facing existential truths without loosing balance and also succeeding at your work or passion.

The poet in this book has chronicled such struggles. what is palpable is her will to make it all happen.

About the author:

Shreya Banerjee is a budding poet, who has authored a collection of her poems “ Take me to the heart of beauty” earlier this year. She was published by The Speaking Tiger and Walking Book-Fairs. Today she is 21, publishing her second book. Shreya, is also the president of a literary club in Hyderabad. She’s a public speaker and a student of Hyderabad’s prestigious St Francis College for Women. She’s a critical reader and does not put a book aside without analyzing it with a fine comb. She aspires to be a writer and a psychologist in the future.

My take on the book:

An anthology of hues by Shreya Banerjee is a collection of poems divided into four sections as poems on self assertion, poems on love in the city, poems on sweet melancholy, poems on the spirit of art. Though some of them are short poems a couple of them stretch to few pages and are more of verses. The author Shreya though very young has done a fabulous job in capturing deep emotions through her words in the form of poems. The themes and topics for these poems are varied and diverse hence making the reading experience an enjoyable one. 

The author touches on everyday topics for young people like learning, knowledge, education, work as much as touches abstract topics. There is an unmissable satire in few of them, deep emotions, pain and sorrow in others. All of them are musings where the author is expressing her innermost feelings with utmost honesty. The beauty of these poems is the simple language used to express complex emotions, helping them reach the audience with ease. The poems make the reader question themselves as they compare their own life and situations to those brought forth by the author.

Unlike prose, poems have this unique quality of touching readers’ hearts and, they are meant for re-reading multiple times; and poems often bring in a new meaning every time they are read. If you love poetry or always contemplated reading them but not sure where to start, this book will be a nice beginning. Highly Recommended!

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