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Quaker by Rohan Singhvi

Publisher: Blue rose publishers
Pages: 135
Price: Rs. 249 INR(Paperback), Rs. 199 INR(Kindle Edition)
ISBN: 978–9354271144
Buy here: https://amzn.to/2KHDdKI
My take on the book:

Quaker, set in the fictional Southern European country Warem is the story of the ten members of the Quaker family. Driven by power and revenge the book narrates the struggle between these Quaker family members across four seasons and multiple episodes. Yes that is right, the book follows a very unique format – like the script for a webseries, with conversations by the characters, background voice over by another character, narration going back and forth in time with flashbacks.

The author introduces the format of the book at the beginning for ease of understanding of the reader. Hence the book feel more like watching a show, especially a western crime/mafia action thriller. The characters, including the supporting ones get enough footage. However, the drawback of the book is also the story line as it may seem predictable for those who are fans of this genre and have already watched many series centered around such stories.

The author deserves appreciation for attempting a different style of writing. If the story could have been more creative like the writing style, it would have made for an excellent read. The cover is true to the noir genre of the story and is well designed. At nearly 130 pages this one makes for a very quick read and if perfect for a quick lazy afternoon read. Pick this one for the quirky style of narration and a decent attempt by the author.

My rating: