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Bahir by Monisha K Gumber

Pages: 204
Price: Rs. 210 INR(Paperback), Rs. 69 INR(Kindle Edition)
ISBN: 978–9387649163
Buy here: https://amzn.to/2Tes99a

A tale of utter desperation and fierce hope. And a fight for honour.
Meet Sawera. A beautiful and Sensual woman. Born in Pakistan, raised in the Middle East and abused wherever she goes. Struggling to find acceptance, which eludes her over and over again, she ends up being an outcast. Who belongs nowhere and to no-one.

Used and manipulated by the men she loved, from the depths of her soul she claims her self-respect, along with the faith to overcome her pitiful circumstances.

Where does she find her strength? What is the breaking point? How does she get over the demons of her past? Follow the story of Sawera, a child born of midnight into the dawn of new hope. Uncover the secrets and conspiracies that make her the woman she is. Read her story, a story of survival.

About the author:

Monisha K. Gumber is the bestselling author of the immensely popular teen novels Sick of BeingHealthy and Dying to Live. This is her first book for adults, which has been long awaited and is already creating a buzz. Monisha is an Army brat who has moved around all over the country and says that her background has made her more accepting and humble. Like most people from her generation, she has the usual MBA and many years of corporate experience, which seemed enough to go on — till she decided to move into the arena of writing. She hopes to write entertaining, simple yet inspirational stories that make a difference. She is also passionate about alternate healing and wishes true health and happiness for all. Currently she lives in Bahrain with her family including two dogs and two cats.

My take on the book:

Sawera born at midnight ironical to her name, was given away for adoption immediately after birth. Though born in Pakistan, Sawera moves to Saudi as a kid, with her new family, with dreams of luxurious life away from her dingy neighborhood. That was her first brush of Bahir, moving abroad with a hope of earning better and, hence leading a better life. As she feels neglected by her adopted family once they have their own kids, Sawera turns into a rebel and gets expelled from school losing her chance for a proper education.

Even though she gets abused and used by all the men she ever meets and trusts to love her, she keeps waiting for that Farishta she dreamt of all her life, who would hold her hand and care for her. What keeps Sawera going inspite of all the setbacks life throws at her, is going Bahir the happily-ever-after it is assumed to be, forms the rest of the story.

Bahir is as much the story of Sawera as could be of any of us who moves abroad with hopes of a better life than the one in our home country. For a person like Sawera who is naive and impulsive, the lows she sees would have meant an end to their life. Instead, there is a distinct fighter instinct that Sawera possess, an unending hope that makes her pick herself up every time life hits her badly.

The story is entirely narrated from Sawera’s perspective and she keeps it very raw and real by announcing and accepting her flaws. The narrative is gripping and engages the reader completely. A lot of characters and loose ends are tied up by the author towards the end, thus making the story wholesome. The story is emotional and heart wrenching at places as Sawera gets abused again and again by those she trusts; however, her persistence to move away from toxic situations and her never-give-up attitude while grabbing every available opportunity is truly inspiring.

A story of the woman who acknowledges her flaws and mistakes but keeps going till she reaches her goal, Bahir is a gritty story of despair and hope, love and hate but ultimately of the human spirit.

My rating:

5/5.Kiranmayi Reviews