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Rajini’s Mantras: Life lessons from one of India’s most-loved superstars by P.C. Balasubramanian

My take on the book:

Rajini’s Mantras by P.C. Balasubramanian is a compilation of life lessons derived from the statements of Superstar Rajinikanth delivered as part of his speeches; spanning across his career at multiple occasions — mostly during his movie functions. 

The author has segregated these into twenty-eight mantras/chapters, with each chapter starting with the actual statement of Rajinikanth in Tamil, followed by the English translation of this statement, the occasion during which it was delivered. The chapter then goes on to explore the context of the statement, the explanation given by Rajnikanth, and how the same as a life mantra can be applied our daily lives.

Each chapter is hardly 2–3 pages long, and the concept the author picked for each mantra is explained with precision and clarity. Even though the book comprises twenty-eight mantras, the book makes for a very quick read and can be finished in one go. 

The language and presentation are simple, impressive and will suit even novice readers. While the book will be adored by fans of the superstar, even for those who are intrigued by the title and blurb will enjoy the book and will have some good takeaways.

I have watched multiple movies of Rajnikanth over the years and while I loved him as an ace actor, I admired him more for his offscreen persona and his spirituality. This book however is a revelation as I read a lot more than what I thought I knew about him. Especially his statements and the wisdom that came with them even early in his career (in the 70s) are inspiring. 

This is an impressive self-help book packaged with wisdom from a successful and well-known personality, making it extra appealing to the common people and masses. It does have something to learn and implement in each of our lives and for different age groups.

My rating: