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Love is beyond everything — by Akhil Maheshwari

Publisher: Halfcrow Publishers
Price: Rs. 225 INR(paperback)
ISBN: 978–8193957301
Buy here: https://amzn.to/2ZPTKy7

Kabir has been in love with Aditi for as far back as he can remember, and as far back as he can remember she has been in love with Maan, who also happens to be the father of her daughter.
Aditi cannot get over Maan, though she has tried so many times, and failed miserably on each occasion. Her daughter Kaavya tries to help her mother, but it is Aditi’s best friend who comes up with a grand scheme that is bound to help her get over him, a scheme that involves Kabir, and his unrequited love. 
By a weird twist of fate, whether the scheme succeeds or the daughter or something totally unexpected, Aditi and Kabir get so intricately entangled, that Aditi realizes a lot of things, the most important of which is that sometimes, what is best for us is not what we pray for. 
But, triumph of true love beats all else… that’s all that matters, isn’t it?

About the author:

Known as a human book ‘The Burning Ice’ in the shelf of ‘Human Library Mumbai’, Akhil is a poet and novelist. He lives in the heart of Bollywood film industry, Mumbai. He is also a renowned Chartered Accountant and American Certified Management Accountant. His online warmth can be felt at www.akhilmaheshwari.com and his lovely vibes can be followed on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram (@iamburningice).

My take on the book:

Kabir, Aditi and Deepti have been friends from school and college days, but Aditi never thought of Kabir beyond a good friend and confidante. Aditi still loved Maan, the father of her daughter Kaavya though he has moved away from her. And complicating their relationships further, Kabir was still madly in love with Aditi though he was sure she would never reciprocate his feelings. In the middle of these complex and awkward situations, Deepti offers a solution to Aditi to come out of her obsession for Maan. Is this a silly thing for Aditi to do, and Kabir to accept this weird arrangement? How is this idea of Deepti going to affect all those involved forms rest of the story.

The concept around which the story premise is built is new and kind of unique for love stories. Aditi being a successful author and Kabir a star cricketer builds the fact that they are not just teenagers trying things out of mush. There are not many characters so the focus is solely on the those that are absolutely needed for the narration. The initial pages of the book are very engrossing as the reader wants to find where the story is headed given the not-so-routine situation the characters find themselves in.

However once the story reaches a point where the upcoming sequences get predictable, the interest fizzles. The pre-climax feels a bit dragged as the reader would be eager to find how it is going to end. Also, the fresh feel at the start of the story comes down in second half, with things getting cliched.

While the last few pages could have been much better, the characters, situations and writing style engross readers for a major part of the book. Pick this one for a love story with some unexpected twists and a new take on modern relationships, which is thoughtful as the protagonists find love in their own way.

My rating: