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Love Un-Stuck by Sudha Nair

Publisher: Kalari Publishing
Pages: 212
Price: Rs. 99 INR(Kindle Edition)
Buy here: https://amzn.to/3igo3r4

My take on the book:

Kyra an aspiring singer from a small town Vittalpur dreams to make it big as a singer while her mother Menaka is worried about getting Kyra married at the earliest. As Kyra’s best friend Shammi is getting married, Kyra remains the last single girl from their friends’ circle, adding to Menaka’s anxiety. Kyra meets Irfan an upcoming music director hailing from the same place and foster bother of Shammi’s groom.

Kyra remembers Irfan as the hot-headed guy who would often snub her when they were kids and even in current time, their encounter starts with sparks, in the wrong way. Irfan has his own past that he is not able to look beyond and Kyra’s goal to become professional singer is her top priority. Does these two contrasting people have a future together and how would they fall in love forms the rest of the story.

From the word go the story moves at a steady pace pulling the reader into the narration. Both the protagonists are simple characters from a small town, with a common goal to succeed in the music world. Kyra’s struggle to convince her mother about her dreams, her mother’s cliched thinking of putting marriage before a girl’s career and aspirations and how Kyra keeps trying despite her mother’s constant demotivation is the reality which is captured well by the author.

There isn’t much conflict and though the story moves as expected, the way the scenes have been conceived makes the story interesting till the end. I found this to be a fresh love story after reading most contemporary love stories only revolving around corporate setups or flimsy teenagers. Pick this one for a feel-good, warm love story apt for a cold rainy afternoon.

My rating: