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What You Wish For by Saikat

Publisher: Redgrab Books
Pages: 136
Price: Rs. 125 INR(Paperback), Rs. 49 INR(Kindle Edition)
ISBN: 978–9387390973
Buy here: https://amzn.to/2TRGJTh

In life, the path of love is lined with heartache and filled with tears with the hard reality lying as an open field with bucket-load of memories left behind in the wide road behind. And so is life: filled with all sorts of delusions that are ready to snatch our presence from us. Prisha Bose finds herself in Mumbai with nothing but her best-friend’s dying wish — to finish everything in the wish list that she couldn’t. Prisha promises her to live the life she had only dreamt of. Moment by moment, Prisha shapes a life she had never thought of… Until Arav strolls in the café one afternoon, scattering all of her carefully knitted plans in the wind. Sometimes, an accidental meeting change lives forever. Sometimes, the universe makes us believe in fate and live through the stories. What You Wish For is the story of everyone whom life shaped the way they are. Where not everything happens as perfectly as it is thought of but what fate has in store for the reality, filled with heartache and agony that one faces in their life.

About the author:

Hailing from the City of Joy, Saikat is a budding author who aspires to be recognized as one of the popular literary faces of the country. Currently pursuing a Business degree, Saikat is more than interested in artistic fields. Saikat lives with his parents who enthusiastically have brought out the writer in him. ‘What You Wish For’ is his first book and he desire to bring out more from his passion for writing and spend his life reading and giving life to more stories.

My take on the book:

Prisha Bose started working in a cafe in Mumbai after shifting from Kolkata against her parents will. She meets Arav briefly at the cafe and later at a pub and sparks fly immediately. Prisha feels their connect is instant and deep unlike anyone else she met so far, and Arav also reciprocates. However, there is a certain mystery behind Prisha’s behavior as she is driven by a wish list of her friend Ayesha, trying to tick off items from this wish list, a life Prisha long dreamt of where she had the complete control on her life. Read the book to know what secrets Prisha is trying to hide and the reason why she is bent on fulfilling Ayesha’s wishes as her own.

At the beginning, Prisha comes across as mysterious and spontaneous as she seems to be living life on the edge. As the story progresses, the reader gets a view of her past and the reason behind her decisions. At less than 150 pages, this is a short and quick read, however I felt once the mystery behind Prisha is revealed, the story drags a bit in the middle parts. The story is an emotional one and tugs at the readers heart with its touching and realistic narrative.

While there are few supporting characters, the focus for the most part is on Arav and especially Prisha who is just not the protagonist but the soul of the story. Prisha connects instantly with the reader, holding their attention all through. Prisha is as strong as she is vulnerable which makes her for endearing for an average reader. Pick this one for a simple, heart touching story of a young girl.

My rating: