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The 3rd Survivor: A Unit 22 Thriller by Mainak Dhar

My take on the book:

Major Aaditya Sen and his team from Unit 22 are now operating from the basement of a building that housed other Government agencies like the R&AW. However, an unexpected leak to media about one of their secret missions forced their boss Srini to send them off from the suspicious eyes to a base camp on the border of Myanmar.

Major Sen and his boys are sent on a mission to hand over three men to the Myanmar army in return for an unknown favor — pick an asset and return to the base. Things take a nasty turn when the truth of the asset is known; will Major Sen succeed in this mission forms the rest of the story.

This is the 3rd book in the Unit 22 series after the 1st Assassin and 2nd Fugitive . The main characters are retained by the author and new ones like a female protagonist are added. While I liked the first part in this series and found it to be a decent thriller, the second part was amazing and was very impressive. The author built on the momentum in this part and has outdone himself.

I especially liked how Aaditya Sen’s character retains his qualities, but the author builds it better with each part making him more relatable by the reader. The twists and turns will keep the reader on the edge; the author picks new terrain and surroundings like Myanmar, China, Tibet for this part and builds an atmospheric thriller around that.

The action sequences are well executed, and the author succeeds in maintaining the adrenaline rush all through. I am thrilled that the author hints at a next part in this series as closing remarks, so looking forward to the next mission of Major Aaditya Sen.

My rating: