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Aesthetic Leadership in Luxury by Dr Mahul Brahma

My take on the book:

Aesthetic Leadership in Luxury by Dr. Mahul Brahma is a compilation of speeches given by the author, columns written for magazines and one case study of interview done with a famous Jewelry brand. As the author mentions at the beginning of the book — this is a manual for CXOs and organizations looking to transform into aesthetic leaders.

The author begins by giving a background of what aesthetics mean and a brief history of how the word itself is derived, and few examples of aesthetics and brands. The author further explains how aesthetic leadership is essential for success in the luxury industry, by giving examples of brands like Apple that continue their supremacy as a luxury brand, so does Gucci; these brands keep reinventing themselves as per the customers taste over decades.

The next part of the book explains the different aspects that constitute aesthetic leadership like design and creativity. We all hear the roles like creative head, design head, in the context of big brands but how are each of these roles unique is explained by the author. The author also explains the terms like connoisseur, aesthete, flaunters and experientialists.

The book is well-researched and is written to engage the reader along with practical advice on how luxury brands can create their aesthetic identity, especially for leaders who are looking forward to making their mark in such roles. The book touches on a subject that is often overlooked but one that will help brands flourish in a competitive market.

The book is concise and is a must read for anyone who wants to build their brand by catering to the aesthetics of the customer.

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