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You are mine by Charu Vashishtha Gulati

My take on the book:

Meera a self-confessed geek is serious about her life, work, goals and about giving back to society. Her days are busy with work, learning new courses and volunteering in her free time. Meera is not your average girl; she is not interested in branded clothes or makeup or putting up an appearance.

Neil, her senior from New York headquarters who is visiting Meera’s office is famous for being a Casanova. Meera finds instantly attracted to him in their first meeting but is not sure of a committed relationship given his reputation. Will Meera and Neil who are poles apart as individuals find a romantic connection forms the rest of the story.

At 58 pages length, it is a short and quick read. The story starts well but the later part gets cliched as it goes the route of most love stories. The characters and backdrop are well built by the author, but conclusion seems to be in hurry. Short stories generally feel attractive when there is a mild twist or unexpected ending, which is lacking in this story. That said, this one makes for a quick one time read for fans of short stories.

My rating: