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Sinbad and the Rise of Iblis(Book Three in the Sinbad Series) by Kevin Missal

My take on the book:

Sinbad and the Rise of Iblis is the third and final installment in the Sinbad Series by Kevin Missal. The devil Iblis is rising, and Sinbad must race against time, travel to three different worlds to find three different objects that will help him defeat Iblis. As he embarks on this adventure, he must overcome multiple challenges while facing monsters — a giant spider, a talking cat, and a group of pirates, his own insecurities, and inner demons.

Like the earlier two books in this series, this one also traces the journey of Sinbad on the high seas, with the story filled with action, adventures, suspense, and unexpected twists. The narrative is fast paced and at places does not even allow the reader time to think and evaluate the happenings. The backstory of Iblis is interesting and layered.

As with other books of the author, this world of Sinbad is similar what you would have read earlier but with a fresh take of the author by adding his own nuances and characters to the plot. For someone reading this book alone, the author makes sure they are still able to read it standalone though this is the third book.

The story speaks to its target audience with subtle hints on love and betrayal and with characters that are raw, real, and imperfect. The character of Sinbad especially matures from book one to end of the series, making his character graph evolution coherent.

The third part brings this series to a smashing end with a well rounded off conclusion, with a theme that is equal parts thrilling and has a message of war between good and evil. Highly recommended for fans of young adult fantasy stories.

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