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Desire: A slow burn, interracial romance (Train to Temptation Series 1) by Anna C

Pages: 221
Price: Rs. 125 INR(Kindle Edition)
ASIN: B09D5L3R23
Buy here: https://amzn.to/3a7qOsw

My take on the book:

Few months after her father passed away, Chandni is on the run as her stepmother Gomati Ma fixed her marriage with her nephew, whom Chandni despised. Desperate to escape the prospective marriage and the permanent slavery that would follow, Chandni gets on to the next available train to Mumbai, where she hopes to start a new life with help from an old friend. She bumps into Steve on the train, a photographer from the US, who is also travelling to Mumbai for his next assignment.

The journey that starts with Steve playing good Samaritan for Chandni who was always cooped up in her own fairy world, turns into a more thrilling one as unexpected situations unfold in their forty-eight-hour train journey. However, Steve is fighting demons from his past that force him to suppress his true feelings for Chandni. Chandni is also in a similar situation as she lost her identity and confidence and drifted from her father after he remarried and was constantly under scrutiny by her stepmother.

Will this journey help Steve and Chandni face their fears and overcome them, and what future holds for them as a couple forms the rest of the story.

The blurb hints at all possible clichés that the story has, which is interesting as the author makes a bold statement of inviting the reader to pick the book. Other than the protagonists, there are very few characters; also, the first half of the story happens majorly in the train with only conversations between Steve and Chandni. The author shows grip on narration by handling these tricky situations while holding the reader’s attention. Steve’s character is the more interesting one, as Chandni starts off as a timid girl and her character graph takes time to develop.

The romantic scenes between the lead pair are smoking hot, as is the case with other books from the author. Despite a known start to the story, the narration and the fast pace make the book interesting. Pick this one if you prefer love stories featuring unconventional pairs.

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