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Aham by Saurabh Thakur

Pages: 199
Price: Rs. 299 INR(Paperback)
ISBN: 978–8194228141
Buy here: https://amzn.to/3bDKvqh

My take on the book:

Aham is the first book in the Aham Trilogy and hence establishes the main characters and their past. The story starts with the Elders who are the all powerful, and created Spirits and humans. Though Spirits and humans were almost same, with due course of time, Spirits attained more power than humans. Unknown to even the Elders, in this process another clan Demons got created.

With circumstances and manipulation by the head of the Spirits, demons got drifted from the other tribes. Rekhyts are the other clan who are bestowed with the responsibility to safeguard the humans. As Vaanee, a powerful demon princess goes to war to revenge the Spirits, Rwiju the mighty Rekhyt warrior will stand in her way. Will Rwiju be able to save the worlds before they come crashing forms the rest of the story.

Mythological fiction or retelling is risky as the audience would have read multiple versions of the same stories over the years. The author’s gripping narrative and ability to build multiple clans, characters and their distinct characteristics while retaining their mythological connection makes Aham an interesting read. Along with mythology, the story has equal doses of fantasy as the author builds imaginary worlds with elan.

Since this is the first part in the trilogy, the ending is non-conclusive. The cover though catchy could be better by adding more elements from the story. The language is easy to follow; though there are many clans and characters, the major ones are interesting. If you are a fan of mythological fiction or fantasy especially set in Indian context, then this will make for a good read.

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