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Life is What Matters: It’s time to be Happy again by Alka Dixit

Publisher: Srishti Publishers & Distributors


Price: Rs. 195 INR(Paperback)

ISBN: 978–9387022188

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Our daily lives keep us so occupied that all we see in it is chaos, and not the
blessings that come with it. We see the problems that stand in our way, and
forget the ones we have crossed and moved on. Isn’t it!
To understand life, we need to first value our life. In simpler words, we need to take care of our life. What if we raise both, our kids and our own life,
When the author first met the enigmatic Dr Aditi, she was intrigued by her
profound understanding of life and penned this book on her effective and easy to adapt plan for a happier life. You will also learn to:
Walk through crises of life with positivity.
Realize the true happiness that life holds.
Overcome fears, shortcomings and hurdles.
Exercises and guidelines to build a stronger ‘you’.
Achieve big with available opportunities and resources.
Life is What Matters is an incredibly motivating tale of a girl who embraced her imperfections and succeeded in life, against all odds. With mantras for living a better life, this book is a treasure.

About the author:

Dr. Alka Dixit is a practicing doctor and faculty in a medical college in Delhi NCR. She has been guiding people to live a better life by drawing inspiration from her as well as others’ life experiences. A mishap during childhood, deviation from ‘normal’, medical school, love, two kids and now a book, conclude her life in a nutshell.

My take on this book

Self help and motivational books are innumerable in number and an average reader has this pertinent question before picking one more self-help book on what more will this book offer. The author introduces a new concept of treating your life as your kid — treat life similar to how a kid is protected, nurtured, guided and loved.

The book is divided into three parts — Part A on how your life needs to be treated as your kid, Part B on the factors which are beyond our control in our life and Part C on what odds life can throw at us. The book written by Dr. Alka Dixit who is a practicing doctor and life counselor herself, brings to this book her vast experience in helping people handle the different challenges thrown in daily life. However, a majority of initial parts of the book are inspired from her interactions with Dr. Aditi who has been a life champion and braved multiple hurdles in life but still maintains a positive attitude.

Through out, the author discusses about a certain dimension of life and gives a ten step action plan on how it can be achieved. Most of them also have real life examples and analogies helping the reader to understand and assimilate better. The writing is simple and free flowing without being preachy or cliched. There are multiple scenarios in the book which an average reader can compare and find similarities in their own life.

By the end of it, the reader will be left with multiple ideas and tips which are easy to apply in daily life. At less than 200 pages, this is a quick read and also meant to be read again and again. A must read for a self help book which is practical and gives realistic life lessons.

My rating: