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TAKE OFF YOUR STARTUP: How to start a business explained in 145 Startup Stories, 8 Steps to choose new business ideas, 72 concepts to create business plan … formula for team building by Samyak Kumar

My take on the book:

Startups as a concept is picking up in India only in the past few years, for less than a decade. For a country and society that had been conservative in its outlook towards startups, there is a whole new generation raring to break out on their ow. Gone are the days when a graduating student was happy with a job; a lot of students dream of their own startup once their education is complete. But the percentage of those who turn this dream into reality and find success is very limited. This book is put forward by the author with the intention to help guide such enthusiasts by simplifying the concepts explained in management textbooks, by providing real-life example of startups — both success and failure stories included.

At the start of the book the author promises that the book will be the single source of information that would be needed for anyone venturing into business or for the first five years of any new business. While they may sound as huge promises at the beginning, as the reader goes through the book, it sounds reasonable, as the author has done lot of research and draws from his own experience while penning down the concepts in the book.

What I liked is that unlike other books from this genre, this one points out the mistakes committed by young entrepreneurs that may cause a startup to fail. That is also the reason why this book will make for an informative read for readers of all ages, though the author mentions this one is for students and those in early years of business. Other than passion and funding there are multiple ingredients that go into the making of a successful startup; the author highlights such minute details that are needed to be followed daily.

Pick this one if you see yourself building your own startup, if you want to know the secret behind successful entrepreneurs and if you want to be one.

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