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Beauty Queen- The Pathway to Pageantry by Anvita Sudarshan

Publisher: Amaryllis; Manjul Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.
Pages: 316
Price: Rs. 750 INR(paperback), Rs. 275 INR(Kindle Edition)
ISBN: 978–9390924103
Buy here: https://amzn.to/3rdtle6

My take on the book:

Beauty Queen, as the name of the book rightly suggests is the perfect tool on the pathway to Pageantry. Written by Anvita who herself is a participant and winner of multiple beauty pageants, the book is a comprehensive guide for anyone aspiring to participate and win Beauty Pageants. 

The book starts with a brief history of beauty pageants, interestingly with reference to its roots in Greek Mythology and then proceeds to brief the different type of pageants that happen around the world. The chapter on beauty has few interesting details on how to find if one’s face is scientifically beautiful. The next chapters are each dedicated to skin, make-up, hair, teeth, nails, nutrition and fitness, health. 

In each of these chapters, the author describes with vivid details the topics which are not just relevant for a beauty pageant aspirant but are very helpful, especially for those who would like to gain more knowledge on these topics. The later chapters focus on the specific topics of pageants like Catwalk, preparing for the interview, choosing the wardrobe, and finally preparing for the actual pageant. 

Beauty Pageants generally garner interest among common people in India whenever a girl from their country wins a title in an International Pageant. Over the years, with more international titles won, more girls are now intrigued to participate and win. For anyone with such inclination, Beauty Queen by Anvita is the one-stop solution for its wholesome approach to educating the reader on everything that takes to win a pageant. 

The book will especially be handy for those who have the ambition and passion but are novice and not sure of how and where to start their preparation. The seven generic chapters around beauty make for a wonderful read for beauty enthusiasts or for generally anyone interested in beauty, health, and nutrition. The USP of the book however is the writing style of the author which is easy to read and understand the concepts. 

Unlike other books around these topics, which get monotonous, and theoretical, Anvita’s writing makes the book a delightful read. The illustrations, summary points and colors used across the pages add to the reading experience. I was personally fascinated by pageants as a child, but this book changed my perception of how much hard work and planning entails participating in a pageant. 

I will highly recommend this book to all those aspiring to participate in a pageant or if you are a beauty enthusiast who wants to learn from the experts, since the author’s first-hand experience makes it very authentic.

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