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Consciousness The Final Frontier by Dada Gunamuktananda

My take on the book:

Consciousness: The Final Frontier teaches the reader the true meaning of consciousness and how to connect with our own inner selves. It is based on the author’s popular TEDx talk of the same name.

The author explains how consciousness is not limited to the human mind but is a fundamental property of the universe itself. The author emphasizes the importance of meditation that quiets the mind and helps connect with our true selves. He also touches on what really is a yogic lifestyle and what comprises leading such a life, the attributes of it.

The author also cites Vedanta and Buddhism along with latest research from neuroscience and physics. As the author reiterates, consciousness is not a separate concept, all human beings inherently have it, but we are so caught up in our own thoughts that we are living a life devoid of consciousness.

The author emphasizes on the transformative power of crisis, as he urges the readers to view challenges and setbacks not as obstacles, but as opportunities for growth and self-realization. The highlight of the book is the lucid language and simple examples used by the author to explain complex phenomenon, while offering practical advice on how we can live a more conscious life.

There are places where the concepts feel repetitive; also, the book is apt for those who are serious readers.

Overall, this is an excellent book for anyone who is interested in learning about consciousness and live a conscious life. Highly recommended.

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