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In the face of Death — by Lipi Gupta and Akhilesh Math

Publisher: Gully Writers

Pages: 34

Price: Rs. 49 INR(Kindle Edition)


Buy here: https://amzn.to/31es9qP

What is the first thought that runs in our minds when we face death? Does our life really flashes through our eyes… or do our loved ones’ faces? Do we really care enough to think of someone else… or just what we could have had?

What do we really do… In The Face Of Death.

When Dan faced death once more in his life… he had choices this time. But was his choices were the ones he wanted… or were they options he ignored his whole life. In The Face Of Death… will all be justified?

My take on the book:

Daniel(Dan) and his sister Vikki lost their parents in a gruesome accident when they were kids, because of which Dan turned timid and cynical, navigating through life looking at everything as a burden. Added to this is Vikki’s sensitive health, which makes Dan negative and mechanical about life. One day he comes across a strange old man who seems to be tagging along him from home to Vikki’s hospital. The old man comes over to Dan’s home later that night and has a task for him. Dan does not seem to have a choice and has to accompany the old man for next 24 hours. What assistance does the old man need from Dan and why did he choose Dan for this task forms the rest of the story.

At 34 pages, In the face of Death is a very short read, which starts as Dan’s story and picks up once the old man reaches Dan’s house and takes Dan along with him. The intent of the old man’s visit and its significance in Dan’s life is revealed only towards the end of the story, hence building up curiosity. There is a strong message by the story and its theme, which is built up slowly. For giving out a positive life message, the authors have taken a different route.

The story succeeds in effectively delivering the intended message and will make the reader think about it even after it ends. Pick this one for a different storyline and for a positive life message.

My rating: