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The Last Love Letter — by Kulpreet Yadav

Publisher: Rupa Publications India
Price: Rs. 250 INR(paperback), Rs. 190 INR(Kindle edition)
ISBN: 978–9353335076
Buy here: https://amzn.to/2L5MTNO


Akash is devastated when his wife Nisha dies of cancer, leaving him all alone to raise their fouryear- old daughter, Sara. He finds it impossible to deal with the void in his life, and coping with the demands of being a single parent makes the situation worse. The crisis affects his professional life as well, which, too, takes an unexpected turn.

Subah is a painter who started hating men ever since she was dumped by her boyfriend for another woman. She runs an NGO that helps women whose lives have been ruined by abusive men.

When Akash meets Subah their lives change forever, but Akash is ridden with guilt as he finds himself getting closer to Subah. Can he be in love with two women at the same time? The Last Love Letter explores the contours of broken relationships and the meaning of commitment in modern India. The book discovers that love is neither about control nor surrender but a blessing that can only be experienced by listening to the heart.

About the author:

An ex-armed forces officer, KULPREET YADAV is an author of seven books, two e-books, and one collection of short stories. Shortlisted for prestigious writing awards and winner of the prize ‘Best Fiction Writer, 2018’ at the Gurgaon Literature Festival, Kulpreet lives in Delhi.

My take on the book:

Akash has just lost his dear wife Nisha to Cancer and the only anchor left in his life is his four year old daughter Sara. Akash is completely lost without Nisha with whom he dreamt a lifetime of happiness. He reaches a stage where his professional life also starts getting affected because he is overwhelmed by his sorrow. Subah on the other hand is an extremely talented artist, painter and also runs an NGO for women rescued from abusive relationships. Subah is emotionally broken and maintains a safe distance from men because of the various situations she herself faced in life, and the men she has heard about from the women her NGO rescued. 

Akash does not want to move on in life though Nisha no longer existed physically, while Subah has closed doors for men in her life. What does life have in store for Akash and Subah who are broken and not ready to let anyone else enter their life? How does Akash an advertising professional meet an artist like Subah and where destiny leads them forms the rest of the story.

The story starts with the last letter written by Nisha to Akash a few days before she leaves him. The letter is the connection that still exists between Akash and Nisha which acts like his lifeline and the author brilliantly weaves the story around this letter, with the letter playing a major role in the story and being a strong emotion in Akash’s life. The intense and mature characterizations of Akash and Subah are the main highlight of the story along with the narration which builds the story and their relationship in a very organic way.

Even though the blurb sets the expectation of what to expect from the story, along with the title, the book is so engaging that the reader cannot put it down till the very end. The final chapters are very well written and engrossing, adding extra charm to the story. The cover though simple has the capability to be attract a reader to pick it up. A love story which is intense, endearing, and a fresh premise with strong and lovable characters, The Last Love Letter is a must read for all those who devour love stories. Pick this especially if you are inclined towards love stories which have depth and not just gloss. 

My rating: