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UNSACKED: Survival Guide to Layoffs during COVID-19 by Shreya Kejriwal

Pages: 38
Price: Rs. 99 INR(Kindle Edition)
Buy here: https://amzn.to/39pZV1N

My take on the book:

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted supply-chains, resulted in abrupt locking down of countries across the globe, and life is still not back to normal in many regions. That also meant sudden blows to economies, customers cutting down on spending, certain industries completely shutting down thus resulting in job terminations. Along with the virus scare, few people are also burdened by these sudden layoffs.

Unsacked by Shreya Kejriwal is a comprehensive guide for those who had been through a layoff and in general for anyone employed and speculative of a similar experience. In the ten chapters, the author slowly advices on how to accept the reality to finding a new job. The author starts with how the entire world is impacted and a layoff in current scenario does not necessarily relate to an individual’s performance.

The author also explains how managing emotions is the key to handling such an unexpected situation, how to break the news to family, how to negotiate with the employer, how to turn this setback into a viable opportunity and finally steps to grab a new job offer. The author also adds a note at the end for the fresh graduates who would be extra disappointed with delayed or cancelled employment offers this year. In each of the chapters, author explains each of these concepts and at the end also summarizes them so that a reader who wants to refer to it later can just look at these summary points.

What makes the book a worthwhile read is that the author provides a balanced outlook towards the situation. The tips and different perspective are bound to help not just those who faced a layoff this year but in general all employees.

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