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Prahlad —Book Three — The Narasimha Trilogy by Kevin Missal

My take on the book:

After Hiranyakashyap’s death, Narasimha is now ruling Kashyapuri but he is bent on avenging Lord Indra, for the death of his beloved Chenchen. Prahlad knows better to handle Nara’s anger before more innocent lives are lost in this crossfire. Will Prahlad be able to accomplish this without spoiling his relationship with Nara forms the rest of the story.

This is book 3 in the Narasimha Trilogy after Narasimha and Hiranyakashyap . While browsing through my earlier reviews for the books in this trilogy, I realized that the first book came way back in 2019 but I feel like I read the story just yesterday. I personally think that is what makes a book and story memorable — the ability to capture the audience imagination and hold it, for years on.

Though this is the last book in the trilogy and it will help to have read the earlier two parts, the book can be read standalone, as the author included a very detailed recap at the beginning of the book. However, I would strongly recommend everyone to read the earlier two books, especially the first one as the way the author reimagined as known mythology story is very interesting.

While I personally liked book one, book two did not live upto my expectations. So when I picked book three, I was hoping it will be a good end for the trilogy; and the book did satisfy me as a reader with one exception that the ending feels rushed.

The story is a blend of mythology and fiction, with the author retaining the characters from the known mythological stories while adding his imagination to the story. If you can forget the story you have known before, then you will be amazed by the world the author has created.

Pick this one if you are a fan of mythology or fantasy and this story will definitely intrigue and entertain you.

My rating: