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A Poet’s Ballad: A Crossword Mystery by Aditya Banerjee

My take on the book:

A Poet’s Ballad: A Crossword Mystery by Aditya Banerjee follows two individuals, Mahesh and Aarvi, whose lives become intertwined through a series of cryptic crosswords and a mysterious death. Mahesh Pal is on the verge of leaving India for doctoral studies in London, facing conflict with his family’s expectations. Aarvi Lal is the daughter of a bookseller, dreading an arranged marriage and longing for independence.

Both Mahesh and Aarvi receive unexpected packages containing crosswords and belongings from a deceased professor, Devesh Tripathi, whom they barely knew. As they delve into the puzzles, hidden clues emerge, hinting at Devesh’s hidden life and a possible foul play in his death. Driven by curiosity and a sense of justice, Mahesh and Aarvi join forces to unravel the truth behind the crosswords and Devesh’s demise.

This journey takes Mahesh and Aarvi on a quest through hidden corners of India, deciphering cryptic messages and historical references woven into the crosswords. While facing personal challenges and societal pressures, as they navigate their own life choices and growing feelings for each other, will Mahesh and Aarvi be able to solve the mystery of Devesh’s death forms the rest of the story.

Though the story begins with suspense about a mysterious death and how the protagonists, who are total strangers to the person in question are involved in it, as the story progresses the reader encounters the shocking truth about Devesh’s past and the circumstances surrounding his death. The deeper meaning behind the crosswords and their connection to Devesh’s life and legacy are also revealed in an interesting manner.

Beyond the mystery, the story explores themes of following your dreams, defying expectations, and the power of friendship and collaboration. It paints a vivid picture of India’s cultural landscape and the complexities of tradition and modernity.

Overall, the book offers a captivating blend of historical mystery, personal growth, and romance, keeping readers engaged until the very last page.

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