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Millionaire’s Island by Priya Kumar

My take on the book:

Ronnie is on his way to Mexico on a new work assignment and as luck favors him, he gets an upgrade to business class from his business class ticket. Enroute to the airport Ronnie is upset about his life, his career in particular that has stagnated; while he believes he has a lot more potential, his boss and people around him seem to think otherwise. a

As Ronnie feels dejected and accepts this mediocre life as his fate, he has a chance meeting with Mr. Anderson on the flight, who is known to turn normal people into millionaires. Ronnie jumps at this opportunity and bets everything to get onto the program and become a millionaire. Is this program the one that will be the pathway for Ronnie’s success and will be able to utilize it to fulfil his dreams forms the rest of the story.

Using the format of a fictional story for a self-help book is one that I prefer because a plain self-help book with bulleted points gets boring and redundant at times. This book addresses the aspect of the potential each individual possesses but most often does not explore it due to their own procrastination, fears, or lack of focus.

If each of us is given the opportunity to grow and explore our potential, then how far we may succeed or fail is subjective to multiple external factors, and the author explores such circumstances and scenarios in this book. The language used is simple and the points mentioned by the author are easy to grasp and implement.

I already read a bunch of books from the author and each of them is a gem with a treasure trove of knowledge embedded in them. This book engrosses the reader from start to finish urging them to reflect on their life and work towards exploring their full potential. If you always wanted to begin reading self-help books but not sure where to start, then this one is definitely a good start.

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