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The Love Streak: A Strangers To Lovers Romance by Sudha Nair

Publisher: Kalari Publishing

Pages: 240
Price: Rs. 111 INR(Kindle Edition)
Buy here: https://amzn.to/3PTIkEB

My take on the book:

Avantika Desai has moved to Pune from Mumbai aspiring to work at her favorite publishing house — Radiant Publishing, a dream she nurtured from her childhood. Her father however wanted her to take over his interior designing business. Avantika takes permission from her parents to search for her dream job away from home, with a deadline of one year. After some bitter experiences in unkept paying guest accommodations, Avantika lands as tenant at Kesar Villa, a five-story building owned by a loving elder lady Persis.

As Avantika struggled to make ends meet with few random writing assignments while sending out resume to Radiant publishing regularly, comes Jay to Kesar Villa as building manager. An old family friend of Persis, Jay moved from Bangalore to Pune to stay with Persis and take care of the maintenance of Kesar Villa. There are tenants from multiple backgrounds in Kesar Villa with varied complaints for the building along with their own life problems.

Will Jay be able to manage the expectations of these multi-faceted tenants of Kesar Villa? Will Avantika be able to land her dream job? How will Jay and Avantika’s lives get entangled living in Kesar Villa forms the rest of the story.

A love story set against the backdrop of a building with different kinds of individuals made me pick this book and it brought back such fond memories from my childhood, when neighbors were like family. I read four books earlier from the author Sudha and though all of them have a love story as underlying theme, this one definitely stood out for me, for the lovely supporting characters along with the protagonists.

Since the story is narrated by Avantika, the reader will get more insight into her character, and I wish the same happened with Jay’s character. The story is primarily a feel-good story without major conflict, though there is a subtle message on following your heart and passion, conveyed through the protagonists.

The story has the old-world charm where neighbors looked out for each other, mingled irrespective of financial and social standings and lived as one family. The struggle of Avantika to live independently, away from family without a steady job or income is realistic, and her daily routine as a freelance writer and blogger is much relatable.

The friendship between the protagonists slowly blooms into love and the small, lovely moments between them are the highlight of the story. Pick this one for a simple love story with good vibes and warm characters.

My rating: