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Bad Girl Gone Good : Bad Girl Series Book #1 : A passionate second-chance romance! by Alisha Kay

My take on the book:

Aisha Rajput, a successful event manager, is roped by Dadi Ma, her highness Rajmata of Bannor to organize a fundraiser for Usha Kiran hospital; the neighborhood hospital where Alisha and her sister Ananya were born and visited all through their growing years. 

As corporate hospitals are dominating the healthcare sector, the humble hospital is struggling to survive and Dadi Ma being the board member has decided to help raise funds unlike other members who would like to sell it off for a good deal.

As Aisha reaches the board meeting with the perfect pitch for the fundraiser, she unexpectedly meets the now CEO of the hospital and son of their loving Doctor uncle, Kabir Pradhan. Kabir who was her neighbor and ex-boyfriend from seven years back, left for the United States after heart-broken by the scandal Aisha was caught in. 

Will Kabir and Aisha be able to bury their past and work as a team on the fundraiser and will they give their relationship a second chance, forms the rest of the story. 

This is the first book in the Bad Girl Series, with the story centered around Aisha and Kabir. The reader is introduced to Aisha’s best friends Tara and Inaya whose story will be focused on in the next two books in the series. Second chance romance is my favourite romance trope, as two individuals getting together in a relationship after some past heartbreak always allows for drama. The tension between Aisha and Kabir in the first half of the book is what kept me hooked. 

The suspense around the reason why the protagonists broke up earlier and how they will try to resolve their past differences has been well narrated by the author. However, after a brilliant first half, I felt the story lacked the required punch in the later parts as the story does not move beyond Aisha and Kabir’s labels — Bad girl and stuffy, grumpy Doc. The romance and intimate scenes are very well written but beyond that I felt the characters lacked more depth. 

I liked the different career choices for the three girls, their passion towards work; looking forward to reading more about Inaya and Tara in the coming parts. While the climax was gripping and resolved the main contention point between the protagonists, I wish it was more elaborate and not wrapped up in a hurry. Also, would have liked to have more footage of other characters like Kabir’s father and Aisha’s parents, who were mere mentions and did not have any role to play in the narrative.

If you like reading contemporary urban romances, then pick this one as it entertains thoroughly, with strong lead characters and an underlying fun narrative. 

My rating: