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The day went by slowly and the evening became even more unbearable with humidity almost choking me. All that I need now are a few rain drops. May be it is too much to expect even a drizzle on a day like this in May when the maximum temperatures are refusing to come below 40 degrees.

As I prepare to wrap up my day after a quick dinner, I am relieved the rain gods have finally heard me and blessed us with heavy rain. As the downpour refused to subside for the next couple of hours, the lights have gone off, as the willowing wind threatened to uproot the delicate plants around.

With nothing else to do, I plugged in my air dopes, my favorite song playing on loop and a bowl of roasted makhana for company. The breeze has turned pleasant by now carrying with it the rustic earth smell that I always yearned for, after the rains subsided.

It is past midnight, the last candle is still standing tall in the middle of the hall. As I leaned over the balcony railing, not bothering about the left-over raindrops soaking me wet, the night turned more and more darker. The city lights have a different feel when there is only silence around, except for the lone stray dog barking in the distance.

The darkness made me feel melancholic for no reason, haunting and stirring my inner most thoughts. Where is the beautiful city that enticed every new entrant with open arms, where is the fast-moving traffic? Many years back, one of my professors gave me this suggestion – when in need of clarity of thought, go and sit on the bank of any water body. The water flows continuously but still gives an illusion of stagnation; stability and uncertainty at the same time.

Today, I have this advice for you – look out of your window in the middle of the night. Stare into the stillness and silence and the city lights will always be your best guide.

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