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Detective William Bose (Emergence of Bose Book 1) by Subhadeep Ghosal

My take on the book:

In a quaint village, far from the noise of the world, with a dense forest on one side, a tigress goes missing. And then men in the village go missing one after the other. There are no traces of blood or bones or dead bodies.

William Bose is on a trip to India from Portugal for a dissertation on Indian police, after having survived a spine injury in an accident and taken off field duty from Portugal police force. Bose bumps into Hironmoy, the local postman, on his arrival into the village, whom he befriends and shares accommodation.

As the villagers approach Bose to crack the mystery of the missing tiger and villagers, being an ex-cop, will he succeed in this mission forms the rest of the story.

This is the first book in the William Bose series, and for a debut, the author picked an interesting story, but falters at places, especially in maintaining the flow. While each author have their own style of narration and word play, it took me some time to get accustomed to the author’s style, especially in the initial chapters.

There are many characters in the story, but the important ones get the right treatment and character graph. The village backdrop helps build the right atmosphere and thrill for the story.

The author gives a sneak peek into the storyline for the next book in this series at the end, and it is indeed a tricky and unique one. Pick this one if you like to read thrillers with unique story.

My rating: