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Being Dissatisfied by Pratik ‘Bharat’ Palor

Publisher: Blue Rose Publishers
Pages: 148
Price: Rs. 234 INR(Paperback)
ASIN: B084241B1G
Buy here: https://amzn.to/2TETVil

My take on the book:

All of us are dissatisfied, with a multitude of things in our daily life. If you ever wondered someone can advise or share their thoughts on how we can better handle such dissatisfactions, then look no further and pick ‘Being Dissatisfied’.

Instead of going about the routine preachy way, the author starts by mentioning how to be dissatisfied and the ten rules to follow to achieve it. Needless to say, it is the author’s sarcasm that works well to get the reader started on the book. The book further has eleven chapters each dedicated to one aspect of life on how to be dissatisfied — with God, Parents, children, friends, teachers, spouse, colleagues, neighbor, in-laws, government and finally oneself.

Self-help books may not be a ready choice universally, which the author tried to overcome by adding humor and satire to the narrative. Any sort of takeaways and learning from self-help books are hence subjective to the reader, which holds good for this one as well. While the advice may not be applicable to all, it gives a new perspective for things we come across daily.

There are interesting illustrations/toons at the beginning of each chapter and a key takeaway at the end. The cover is impressive and will easily catch eye of kids. Pick this one for a relaxed, lazy afternoon read and for a different sort of self-help book. 

My rating: