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Superhuman Innovation: Transforming Business with Artificial Intelligence by Chris Duffey

Publisher: Kogan Page
Pages: 288
Price: Rs. 1491 INR(Paperback), Rs. 4847 INR(Hard cover), Rs. 750 INR(Kindle Edition)
ISBN: 978–0749483830
Buy here: https://amzn.to/3pIaTY4

My take on the book:

Artificial Intelligence(AI) is the latest buzz word in the technology world and as businesses across the globe are beginning to embrace it, this book looks at the various aspects involved in business transformation using AI. While the word SUPERhuman is used for catching the reader’s attention, it is elaborated as Speed, Understanding, Performance, Experimentation and Results.

The book is divided into three parts — AI Foundation, AI activation and AI future with each part having five chapters. The book starts with how marketing and user experience expectation has been changing rapidly which is a major reason for the accelerated usage of AI.

The author then examines the sudden explosion of data and how this data can be better leveraged for business decisions. Effective handling of data is only possible with appropriate availability of infrastructure which is the next topic, where legacy systems, newer technologies and disaster recovery are examined. 

The author then gives the history of AI, its growth over the years, how it integrates with other technologies. The next chapters explain the most important concepts of SUPER, with one chapter dedicated to each of them. 

The final chapters explain how to implement AI for a given business — from identifying the problem at hand that is supposed to be solved, handling of people and processes to achieve the same. The author also touches on the most important aspects like security, privacy and ethics which are the building blocks for implementing AI. The author closes with examples of how SUPERhuman innovation can be applied in various fields — teachers, farmers, doctors, et al. 

The book is very well researched, is in simple terms, and has a unique narration style, alike speaking to a digital assistant like the Amazon Alexa or Apple Siri, as the author coins a new term Aime. There are ample notes and reference links provided at the end of the book, chapter-wise, which the reader can explore for further info.

The author has taken utmost care to make this a very comprehensive guide on AI covering every important topic about AI. There are charts and pictorial representation as applicable, making the concept easy to understand. The author also gave real-life examples which will help the reader assimilate the concepts.

Pick this one if you are a science and tech enthusiast and would like to know how AI is transforming the businesses globally across domains and sectors.

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