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Head Over Heels by Milan Vohra

Pages: 151
Price: Rs. 99 INR(Kindle Edition)
Buy here: https://amzn.to/37sb01O

My take on the book:

Vivan Parasher, one of the top ten billionaires in the US returns to his hometown Delhi, to extend his empire, but more importantly to avenge the death of his beloved Sonia — the only person he could call family in this world. His target is Divyant, the brat who snatched Sonia’s life, and Vivan had been planning meticulously for the past many years to bring down Divyant — financially and emotionally.

As Vivan goes about implementing his plan, he encounters the estranged sister of Divyant, the feisty yoga teacher — Pari Chand. As Vivan tries to use Pari to avenge loss of Sonia, to give Divyant a dose of his own medicine, will he be able to reach his goal without getting mesmerized by the charm of Pari?

This is a revised version of the book ‘The Love Asana’, published as a paperback a few years back. This is the second book from the author Milan after ‘Our Song’ which I read last year and loved it. ‘Head Over Heels’ lived up to my expectations and more — the story gathers pace with Vivan meeting Pari as a new student in her yoga studio and sparks fly from their first meeting. Their conversations are filled with wit and reflect the innate character of each of them. There are not many characters and the narration is racy and keeps the reader entertained till the end.

The chemistry between the protagonists is smoking hot making it the highlight of the story. The romance and passion between Vivan and Pari is well balanced by their emotional sides as they battle their past demons. The varied emotions of loss, pain, revenge and love are woven well by the author making these characters real and endearing. Also, the author succeeds in slowly building up the emotional connect between them and narrating how real love happens between two contrasting individuals. I loved how Pari stands her ground in front of the mighty and vivacious Vivan, how her profession as a yoga instructor is showcased as part of her being and not just a prop for the story.

This is one cozy love story with layered characters, romance that is intense and an overall entertaining read. Highly recommended!

My rating: