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Anaaya and I: Journey to motherhood by Manisha Garg

Pages: 58
Price: Rs. 49 INR(Paperback)
Buy here: https://amzn.to/337FPqg

Anaaya and I is a story weaved through the mother’s eyes. Encapsulated in this book is my journey to motherhood. The story travels through 26 milestones featuring all the memorable moments.

Right from accepting the fact that there is a heartbeat inside my stomach, sailing through the challenges and finally to come to terms with being a mother & holding my baby for the first time; it’s an effort to capture all those emotions in words. No amount of words can express the feelings; Anaaya and I is my starting point to refresh and celebrate the journey to motherhood.

Anaaya and I will leave a lasting impression on you. If it makes you sit back and imagine your journey, then don’t hesitate- pick up a pen & paper and write it down. It will be a beautiful memory for everyone to cherish. I dedicate this book to all the moms. You are amazing!

About the author:

Manisha Garg has over 10+ years of experience of working in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. She has worked across multiple areas — like market research, portfolio optimization, field force training etc. In 2016, she quit her job to pursue writing. She started Zarahatke( https://zarahatkeblog.com/) which currently has 250+ blogs across various categories like beauty & fashion, lifestyle & relationships, travel experiences etc.

Manisha is very friendly by nature. She can connect with people instantly with her smiling face and happy attitude. She loves to travel. She loves to explore new places, new cuisines. Given a chance, she would love to travel on all weekends and holidays. If cleanliness had a face it would be similar to Manisha. Her urge for cleanliness borders on OCD.

Her email id is mahek_36@hotmail.com.

Social Media links:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mahek36/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zarahatkeblog

Twitter: https://twitter.com/mahek_36

My take on the book:

Anaaya and I is a memoir by Manisha Garg about her pregnancy journey from the day she received the good news of having conceived her daughter till baby Anaaya turned a month old. As mentioned by the author at the beginning, this is compilation of all the major milestones during her pregnancy which have been posted initially on her blog, now stitched together into a book.

At less than 60 pages it is a short and concise read and since it is the author’s personal journey, she has put all her heart and soul into these pages, reminiscing her journey to motherhood. The involvement of families from both the sides and the joy of the extended families for the arrival of the baby are all well detailed. The medical complications that arose and how the author battled them at each juncture are heart touching.

The unsolicited advice from known and unknown, the rounds to the doctor’s clinic, however similar they may be for each mother, are equally unique in each mother’s personal journey. I only wish the content was better edited once it was decided to turn blog posts into a book, to make the flow smoother. If you are a mother or would be mother, you would relate to this book at so many levels.

My rating:


“I got the book as a part of the review program in Outset” https://rakhijayashankar.blogspot.in