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A Chase For Evermore by Alvin Joseph K

Pages: 101
Price: Rs. 49 INR(Kindle Edition)
ASIN: B08413WJ2M
Buy here: https://amzn.to/3a6wsJv

Jerry and Hima are young lovers who live in the same apartment complex. Call it destiny or coincidence, their love story takes a turn when their lives get intertwined with another couple and they get pulled into the vortex of something big, the gravity of which neither of these couples understands.
From the pen of Alvin Joseph K, the author of What day is Someday, A Chase for Evermore is a fast-paced thriller, set in the backdrop of Kochi, packed with suspense that will make you finish it in one sitting.

About the author:

Alvin Joseph K is the author of two novellas Twelve Forty-two North Seventy-five Seventy-three East and What day is Someday? He has also contributed to the short story anthology UNDO by PepperScript Publishers.

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My take on the book:

Jerry and Hima, two young college students are lovers who meet during Hima’s violin classes without knowledge of their parents. Once while meeting up at a restaurant they come across another couple Nila and Roy who are travelling in their Cruze to complete a job. Who and what is Evermore and why people are chasing Evermore and how life of these two couples gets intertwined in this chase forms the rest of the story.

From the word go, the author maintains the suspense well by revealing few clues regularly while maintaining the pace of the story. There are only few characters and author strongly establishes these character traits. The unexpected twists that the story takes keeps the reader at the edge trying to guess what happens next. The language is easy and fluid, the narration racy; the manner in which the puzzle is made with each piece fitting in perfectly is highlight of the story.

The story touches simple romance, suspense, edge of seat thrills all as one package without overwhelming the reader. The climax brings in the unexpected adventure angle as well; however, the ending is the cherry on the cake as it is sure to shock all. I had to read it in one sitting as the story pulls in the reader till the end. If you are fan of the suspense and thriller genres, then this book is a must read.

My rating: