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Dream Big : Let Your Financial Plan Make Your Dream Come True — by Mukesh Jindal, Arunraj VS

Publisher: TV18 Broadcast Ltd (CNBC TV18)


Price: Rs. 499 INR(Hard Cover), Rs. 245 INR(Kindle Edition)

ISBN: 9789384061647

Buy here: https://amzn.to/2KgaDNd

Thirty six year old Vaibhav, the ever-smiling symbol of new age Indians, started his career as a driver. Today, he is the owner of a flourishing taxi service business and is scouting around to buy a Mercedes Benz…not on a loan but with the wealth he has amassed over the years!
How did he get from being a driver to a millionaire? Three simple secrets — he had the courage to dream big, learn about financial planning and implement what he learnt.
Now, while you don’t need anyone to help you to dream big, here is a book that will teach you everything that Vaibhav learnt. All you have to do is find the tenacity to implement it.
Everything, from the importance of saving and investing and the need for life and health insurance to various investment products like mutual funds, SIP, PPF etc. that can enable you to build wealth, is explained in this book in simple and jargon free language. It helps you to choose instruments that are most suitable for you and explains why you would be better off without others.
Dream Big simplifies and breaks down common financial planning principles such as risk profiling, asset allocation, portfolio construction, rebalancing etc.
and explains the tax implications of various investment decisions. It also contains sections on planning for retirement and a legacy, and financial planning for women, divorced individuals, defence employees, senior citizens, etc.
In a nutshell, the authors, Dr. Mukesh Jindal & Mr. Arunraj VS, have put together a modern day compendium on personal finance that provides appropriate knowledge and wisdom to anyone who dares to dream big. With this book, like Vaibhav, you too can get into the driver’s seat of your financial life and ride the road to riches.

About the authors:

Dr. Mukesh Jindal, the co-founder of Alpha Capital and RoboAdviso, specializes in managing Family Office and Investment Portfolio for affluent families. He is a Doctorate in Finance from the University of Delhi and holds professional degrees like CFA, CAIA and CFP. He is an associate faculty with Department of Financial Studies, University of Delhi. Mukesh has been recognized as a Leading Global Financial Advisor by City Wealth, London.

Arunraj VS is a web-based entrepreneur, running web properties based on various topics ranging from health to travel. He believes that success is a two-step process — the first step is to decide what you will act upon. The second step is to act on that decision.

My take on the book:

The authors Dr Mukesh and Arunraj have put together their vast experience in finance consulting and entrepreneurship to bring forward this book which is a one-stop reference book for anyone new to investment. The book starts from explaining the importance of savings and investment going onto the major investment avenues that are available.

The next chapters explain in detail about Mutual Funds; types of funds — equity funds, debt funds, hybrid funds,and even a brief detail about investing in gold. In addition to the general info associated with Funds, the finer details on how to read the Mutual Fund documents, hidden costs, risks involved, are also included. The authors also compare how debt funds are better than fixed deposits and also tips on picking the best mutual funds.

The next part discusses about Insurances — types of insurances, other investment options like PPF, NPS. Next part is about different forms of planning for different sections of the society like post retirement planning, for senior citizens, women, for children’s education and finally on legacy planning.

There is a general notion that finance and investment education is complicated and not for the average person. This book breaks that stereotype by starting with the importance on why investment is mandatory for everyone and how it is not just for the rich but even for those with very humble earnings. Each investment option is explained in very simple and understandable language with ample formulas and illustrations. The suggestions are realistic and easy to adopt rather than trying to exaggerate or promise extreme results.

The authors maintain the perfect tone through out the book, while including right amount of info in each chapter, without making them too long. Even with detailed finance jargon, the book never gets overwhelming for a novice person. This book is a must have in every library, in every personal collection to be referred at multiple times in anyone’s life. Get your copy now and start investing even if you haven’t ever given a serious thought about it. Because by the end of the book, you will be motivated enough to start investing and Dreaming Big.

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