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Every Frame is a Painting — by Abhishek Ghosh

Publisher: Novel Nuggets

Pages: 175

Price: Rs. 135 INR(Paperback)

ISBN: 978–9388758055

Buy here: https://amzn.to/2WKhHGN

About the author:


My take on the book:

Every Frame is a Painting is a collection of plays, poems and short stories. There are total of 8 plays, 8 poems, 8 short stories, including one short story with the title of the book – every frame is a painting. The poems are mostly themed around the society and a common man’s ramblings, what today’s youth are frustrated with and what their thoughts are centred around, how democracy is losing its meaning everywhere around the world. The plays and short stories cover a wide variety of themes like corporate jobs, political satires, love, betrayal.

There are numerous books which have a collection of poems, musings and short stories but a book including plays is a rare one, which is a major highlight here! The author has written all his works in this book with utmost honesty especially the poems, which are precise and seem right from his heart. Some stories seem complete while some of them end abruptly or without right justification leaving the reader wanting more and possibly a more logical ending. The plays read more like dialogues and conversations between the characters while they could have been given a more authentic touch of how formal play scripts read. 

At less than 200 pages, the book is a quick read, with simple language and relatable issues raised by the author. However, the editing of the book leaves much room for betterment as the font keeps changing; same font should have been used for all the short stories. Also, the layout should have been better managed as new stories don’t always start on a new page, sometimes leaving the reader confused. If the editing errors can be overlooked, the book must be read for the honest attempt by the author and the message and anguish embedded in between those lines. 

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