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Happy Grumpies: Grumpies for life and happy for…by Dhruv Anand

Price: Rs. 50 INR(Kindle Edition)
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Damn happy and exciting; enjoying their life and doing whatever they want to do.

They were insignificant grumpies in their lives until they found a family outside their family to be happy for.

Happy Grumpies is the story of seven old men who realized that they were just passing the time of their life when they can actually live it on their own terms but own terms!

One of them thinks no one knows about his girlfriend…ahem!

What! One of them spies on all or he just knows about all of them.

Shh…Someone has a secret farting technique.

Their new lives were going great until…a letter…what! a letter…yes, a letter arrived at their place. Since ten long years, no one had written to them and now, this letter will bring them back to where they came from.

It was never easy to find a family until…

About the author:

Dhruv Anand writes in different genres including family fiction, historical fiction, and fantasy. He has written more than 200 daily life, short stories on his Facebook page. He writes stories that can settle a smile on a reader’s face throughout while reading and after reading.

A storyteller, except your smile through my story…other achievements yet to come…

And he is a foodie…

My take on the book:

Satish, Kulwinder, Robby, Bhushan, Mohan, Aafeem and Brij all aged more than sixty years were strangers ten years ago and are now living together. Each of them have a different story about why they are staying away from their respective families and have even stopped communicating with the outside world. Their lives’ harmony is disturbed when a letter arrives at their home after a decade. Who reached out to these friends who are living in a self-inflicted exile and how this letter changed their lives forms the rest of the story.

This is a short story at 70 pages, set against backdrop of seven men who moved to a house, to live with respect and love, which has been missing from their families. The story line and backdrop chosen by the author are different and heartwarming — how a group of men chose to live their sunset years with dignity and respect rather than bear taunts of family. However, the author falters in narrating it in an impressive way, as the story takes long to take off. Even the establishment of each of the characters gets confusing as the story proceeds. The editing of the book also leaves much to be desired.

The love and mutual admiration between the men and the warm relationship they share is the highlight of the story. The humor in their conversations and how they stay happy amidst serious issues is the major takeaway from this story. Pick this one to read a different genre and a story with a nice message.

My rating: