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Operation Camouflage: A Mysterious Civilian Operation — by Amit Sidham

Publisher: Notion Press
Price: Rs. 299 INR(paperback), Rs. 199 INR(Kindle edition)
ISBN: 978– 1645871576
Buy here: https://amzn.to/2NCalmo

Aaditya or Aadi, a young corporate executive, is a happily married father of a sweet little daughter, living a completely normal life. Until one day he is attacked in his office by armed men. The incident leads to an astonishing revelation about a hidden identity of Aadi that even his family is not aware of. Everyone is dumbstruck and has the same questions in their minds. ‘Who is Aadi?’ He is neither a soldier nor a spy, not a cop nor a goon, definitely not a terrorist nor a bandit. Then who is he? Why was he attacked? What is his mission?

The adventure does not end there. The untimely revelation brings out a new set of challenges in front of Aadi and his team that could jeopardize their mission. Will they succeed? How and at what price will they accomplish their purpose?

Join Aadi and his team as they uncover the camouflage and reveal their purpose.

About the author:

Amit Sidham is a Marketer turned Management Consultant turned Entrepreneur and currently the Managing Partner at a startup. The plot of the mystery was in his mind for quite some time, but the book took a back seat due to work commitments, till one day he finally decided to start writing and bring the book to life. The delay did help in its own way by giving him additional time to think and add more surprises and interesting turns to the story.

He is an endurance runner and has won several medals in various long-distance runs. Amit is also passionate about inspirational and patriotic poetry and has created a YouTube channel for the same. He is associated with several NGOs working in the field of nature conservation, nation building and education. He lives in Bangalore with his parents Asmita and Anil, wife Mukta and daughter Saanvi.

He can be contacted through email at sidhamamit@gmail.com

My take on the book:

Aadi a corporate executive has a happy family and leads a normal life till one day while at work he is attacked by a group of men and women. Before his colleagues can recover from the shock of Aadi getting attacked, they find Aadi also retaliating back like a pro. The real identity of Aadi is the question on everyone’s mind as they see him quickly change from the person they have known for years to a professional shooter. 

What follows is even more shocking with Aadi and his team shifting the wounded, their families and the sponsors to a mysterious place, unknown to the outside world. In this place which is completely futuristic with its amenities and security systems, amidst an eager crowd, Aadi reveals his identity, his team, their mission and how it was unfortunately revealed today. With their cover blown up and their lives and mission at risk, will Aadi and his team achieve the ambitious mission they set out to forms the rest of the story.

 Just when the reader might be wondering that this is one more story set in corporate backdrop, few shocking twists bring up the hidden identity of the protagonist and his team. While the initial description of the team’s hideout and their mission sound futuristic, with the ongoing events in real world, it is not too long when we may see it turn into reality. The story very sensibly explores the urgent need for environment conservation and how ignorant a majority of the society is currently about an impending catastrophe. 

The story also explores the workings of the judicial and political system in our country coupled with pressures from businesses and corporates who are bent on achieving their ambitions. The story also portrays how well meaning individuals may have to face opposition for causes that are meant for the greater good of the society. Pick this one to read a unique story with a very important message told with an equally interesting narrative.

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