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42 Days of Love — by Vikas Trivedi & Smita Agarwal

Publisher: Srishti Publishers & Distributors

Pages: 192

Price: Rs. 199 INR(Paperback), Rs. 115 INR(Kindle Edition)

ISBN: 978– 9387022690

Buy here: https://amzn.to/2zpLtpz

Donna lives for adventure, is a passionate explorer and loves deep sea diving. She has vowed to dig out the great sunken treasure of the Indian Nizam. Donna’s dark past and unhealed spiritual wounds drift her aboard an old submarine, along with a veteran handpicked crew. And as the sailors say, “Waves are not measured in feet or inches, they are measured in the increment of fear.” The expedition that ensues flips Donna’s life forever.

What if your most awaited journey turns into a nightmare? What if you find yourself surrounded by bloodthirsty scavengers, knowing it is not a dream? If you are gritty enough, here is an extraordinary story for you.

42 Days of Love is a thrilling tale inspired by true events, weaving together desire, love, fear, death, and the will to survive all odds.

About the authors:

Coming from backgrounds as diverse as literature, psychology, accounts and energy healing, Vikas Trivedi and Smita Agarwal have earlier co-authored the bestselling book — The Hidden Spark.

My take on the book:

The Nizam’s treasure of exponential value, is believed to have been buried deep in the ocean, and sailors and enthusiasts could not retrieve it over the years for mysterious reasons. Donna, along with her team — David, Samira, Sonia and Anish set on a treasure hunt in a rented submarine, while being completely aware of the lurking danger. But reality is much riskier than the crew could dream of, danger waiting at every corner from the moment the step into the waters. Donna’s troubled childhood and relation with her father act as her strength as well as weakness, with her trauma surfacing at every crucial moment of struggle and survival. Will Donna be able to succeed in reaching and unveiling the treasure in these unsafe waters and if this journey has a higher meaning to her life and destiny forms the rest of the story.

The story is themed around deep-sea diving which is the highlight of the book because of fresh backdrop, the jargon and communication process used by the crew. Each chapter has an impressive quote relevant for the coming up action and adventure in the story or reflecting Donna’s state of mind. The story for the most part is narrated from Donna’s perspective only. The story has multiple interesting events that are expected as part of sea journeys like Shark attacks, sudden emergencies, ship wrecks. 

Most of the storyline is either filled with Donna’s musings or remembering the past incidents or with a sudden event sprouting up without notice. While this gives a good adrenaline rush, it also means not much is known about the four other main characters or their backgrounds, their reason to come along on this journey. Also, the story overall lacks depth since it is a collection of such incidents rather than a more developed narration. 

The authors had at hand a good concept and storyline but the final product leaves much to be desired as there are loose ends and unexplained events which though add drama, are strictly for fiction lovers. Pick this one for the fresh backdrop and some well executed action-adventure sequences in the middle of the ocean.

My rating: