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Lethal Acoustics(The Quack House Series Book 2) — by Rani Ramakrishnan

Pages: 99

Price: Rs. 49 INR(Kindle Edition)


Buy here: https://amzn.to/2XNZ48V

A deafening offensive of unexpected mastery strikes a shattering blow in this edition of The Quack House Series

What dangers were the sounds in The Quack House alluding to?

They never knew when their happy lives turned upside down and when they stepped into the line of fire.

The Quack House meant trouble and Sunil wanted the place shut. Manju was defiant, determined to fight to keep her dream venture open. Without either’s knowledge, The Quack House’s destiny ceased to be a harmless tussle between a loving husband and wife. When had the dangerous enemy made the decisive move?

Who was lurking behind the cacophony?

What was the enemy’s bigger plan? Would Manju or Sunil ever connect the dots? What was the secret behind the Lethal Acoustics?

As Manju grapples with the demons of her past and Sunil moves heaven and earth to help his wife, will everything be too little too late?

About the author:

Rani Ramakrishnan writes contemporary thriller novels. In another lifetime, she was an entrepreneur, a management professional, a trainer, even an author of study materials for distance education. She is an occasional blogger and a regular bookworm. Two things influence her writing: people she met and the places she has visited.

She lives in Coimbatore, a picturesque city on the foothills of the Nilgiri Mountains, in South India. She loves the outdoors and of late, she has developed a healthy passion for marathons.

She sends out a FREE short story every week to her readers. You can sign up at https://tinyletter.com/rani_ramakrishnan

My take on the book:

Manju runs ‘The Quack House’ TQH— a place for people in need to come relieve their burdens, seek solutions to their daily issues. Manju though not a trained professional, enjoys her job as a counselor and therapist giving a patient ear to her clients and offering solutions which she feels right. Her husband Sunil majorly finances Manju’s business and Sunil is on verge of closing down TQH after Manju’s narrow escape in a kidnapping fiasco involving a previous client.

While Manju is struggling to keep her firm running and looking out for new investors, strange sounds start coming out of her office randomly, scaring away the existing customers. Thus starts the roller coaster ride for Manju and her family trying to find the cause of these strange sounds, and if this simple couple indeed had some enemies trying to sabotage their business, life and reputation.

This is a short story revolving around Manju and her Quack house, her clients and the mysterious sounds which at outset are random sounds to finally revealing the bigger conspiracy behind them. Manju as a person comes across as smart enough for her chosen profession and at times very silly and childish, which the author could have avoided. A more uniform character graph could have helped readers relate more to Manju and her actions.

Also, the suspense is maintained well almost till the end, though some hints are given away at regular intervals. The story grips the reader till almost pre-climax and once the truth is revealed there are unexplained facts, which make the story feel incomplete. Either the author intended to leave the ending abrupt for a sequel/next book in the sequence since this is book2 in the series, or it is intentional to shock the reader. For the backdrop and story line chosen by the author, a little more interesting end could have done wonders.

Nonetheless the story maintains the suspense well till the end and the second half is especially very engaging. Overall, this one makes for a good, onetime read.

My rating: