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Walk the Wire: A 21st Century Guide for Millennials to Find Balance and Accomplish Their Goals — Vivek S Ishwar

Publisher: Notion Press; 1 edition


Price: Rs. 200 INR(paperback), Rs. 105 INR (Kindle Edition)

ISBN: 978–1684661954

Buy here: https://amzn.to/2G1PXXh

A strong reason why we fail to achieve our goals is our inability to comprehend our minds. We sometimes tend to over-commit to multiple goals and set ourselves up for failure or lose direction of where we want to go. History is important because it reminds us of mistakes from the past, the knowledge of which prevents us from repeating the same. Similarly, our personal history with goal-setting and goal-achievement is salient in understanding what we could have done better in the past, and implementing them into a more effective present and future.

Through this book, you will become aware of why you aren’t as effective in goal-setting and goal-achievement and how you can become the absolute best version of yourself. We will cover the wonderful art and science behind setting multiple goals and achieving them, and attempt to master the jugglery of balance in several aspects of our lives. Take this journey with me to truly understand how you can excel in multiple aspects of your life all at once. You can have your cake and eat it too.

Let’s walk the wire together!

About the author:

Vivek Ishwar is a Coach and Author by passion, Chartered Accountant by qualification, and a Finance and Strategy Professional by occupation.

Vivek believes ‘happiness’ is seeking excellence in multiple aspects of life. He personally looks at life in different ways — work, professional goals, health, self-actualization, family, love, contentment, inner peace, and learning to name a few. He has cultivated a systematic structure to pursue multiple goals and enable continuous growth, and has seen the benefits of incorporating it into his life and the people in it.

Vivek is looking to actively spread awareness about what he has learnt through his writing and coaching, and help shape a better future.

Vivek is a fitness enthusiast, an experience junkie, and an ardent foodie. He is also an avid sportsman. He enjoys playing pool and snooker, golf, swimming, and is a certified scuba diver. He deeply enjoys travelling, getting new experiences and learning pretty much anything.

Having worked with large corporations such as Goldman Sachs and Ernst & Young, start-ups such as Wordplay Content, and mid-sized organizations such as Firstsource Solutions, Vivek has had the rare opportunity to have worked with diverse people with varying mindsets and varying goals. He is a Guest Faculty at the institute of Chartered Accountants of India.

My take on the book:

Ever wondered why our goals always remain goals and not many are accomplished as expected? This book by Vivek Ishwar helps demystify the reasons with step-by-step analysis and examples and also understand how to walk the tight wire of finding balance while reaching our goals.

The book is divided into 4 parts — Too Many Distractions, Too Little Substance; Dealing with the Beast; Putting into Practice; Finding Balance.

In the first part, writer explains what is balance and why finding it is important. In second part, how perspective differs from person to person and how goals should be further broken down. The tools required for this like time management, prioritization, for short term as well as long term are explained. The third part then goes on to explain how to put these into practice by explaining motivation and how it is both external and internal motivation. The final part concentrates on finding the right balance, which equates to happy equilibrium.

In each of the parts, the writer gives ample examples while explaining each of the above concepts. The examples are more relatable as the writer draws from his own experience rather than quoting some famous personalities. Also, after each concept, there are questions and spaces left for notes for the reader to fill them in and compare their current state of goals to what has been explained in the last few pages.

The book, is very knowledgeable while not being preachy. The writer makes sure the book is practical without excessive theory. A self-help book with simple and understandable concepts and language, pick this for a quick, engrossing experience. If the notes at the end of each chapter and the inputs provided by the author can be followed, then reaching your goals becomes easier.

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