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Decoding the Feronia Files — by Tanushree Poddar and Ajoy Podder

Publisher: Readomania Publishers

Pages: 288

Price: Rs. 295 INR(Paperback), Rs. 225 INR(Kindle Edition)

ISBN: 978–9385854750

Buy here: https://amzn.to/2xiZ7ti

Can weather be controlled? If so, can it be weaponised? The USA set up haarp in 1993 for research on weather modification. Its covert experiments caused unexplained weather changes like cloudbursts, tsunamis, floods, earthquakes, leading to massive destruction across the globe. Worldwide outrage finally forced the closure of haarp. But the deadly experiments continued to ravage the world. Around the same time, a secret device is planted by a foreign mountaineering expedition in the Himalayas. It has the potential to change weather patterns in India. A team of Army mountaineers is sent to retrieve the gadget. But, will they be able to retrieve it before the damage is done? Will the intelligence agencies across several countries succeed in nabbing the culprits who are trying to weaponise weather? Decoding the feronia files is a thriller that takes the readers on an international roller-coaster ride to track the scientists carrying out experiments that could unleash a new weapon of mass-destruction — weather.

About the authors:

Tanushree Podder:

After eight years in the corporate sector, Tanushree quit the rat race to wield her pen and found her calling. A well-known travel writer and novelist, she is passionate about travelling and writing. She has written six successful novels, a dozen best-selling nonfiction titles and over 500 travel tales. Her last book was A Closetful of Skeletons.


Ajoy Podder is a retired Army officer who has travelled all over India and has been posted to offbeat places around the country. A qualified mountaineer, he has undertaken several mountaineering and bicycle, as well as, trekking expeditions in the mountains and valleys all across the Himalayas. Reading, writing and photography are his passions.

My take on the book:

HAARP, the research wing of the US on weather modification through Ionosphere heating has been shut down abruptly owing to a change in the President of the country, hence a change in the policies. The actual intent, location, kind of research and the extent of impact HAARP created so far was hidden from the world. However, countries worldwide still seem to face sudden climate changes which force the respective governments to dig deeper into the real reasons. The weather ministry and the corresponding departments in India are alarmed; leader of mountain trekking group in India(IMF) who notices aberrations in the past hiking reports dies suspiciously. ISI from Pakistan is keen on sneaking out information from ex-HAARP associates. What is the common thread between these men from countries across the globe? Is climate modification as dangerous as nuclear weapons and how can these suspicious operations be stopped forms the rest of the story.

As with thrillers spanning across countries and involving groups from the globe, this story which is taunted as a cli-fi thriller also involves teams from India, Pakistan, Australia, US to name a few. Once the premise of the story is set and the main characters are established, the story takes off at high speed exploring the motives of the different groups involved. As the intelligence groups keep interrogating new suspects and new clues are found, the path to the mystery keeps unleashing. The narrative is kept tight till the end, so are the characters who have their own purpose and the writers succeed in keeping the characters discrete.

Climate as a cause of terror is a relatively unexplored genre, hence the story has a fresh feel. Also the places and incidents used are real with a dose of fiction thrown so the narrative feels real for the most part. The book is an absolute page turner with the suspense building up as the story proceeds. A seasoned reader of thrillers might be able to catch the clues well ahead, however the book is unputdownable till the end. Also, given the closing of the book, I hope there is a sequel planned as the story has more potential to be explored. Pick this one to be taken on a multi-country thrilling ride, as climate change and its repercussions on economies and citizens are gaining maximum importance in current times.

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