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The Later Adventures of Hanuman by Amit Majmudar

My take on the book:

The Later Adventures of Hanuman by Amit Majmudar is a collection of forty short stories imagined by the author on how Hanuman would have lived after Lord Rama and his brothers entered Sarayu River, following the glorious eleven thousand years reign of King Rama in Ayodhya. From living in disbelief that his Lord left him and regretting the boon of immortality as Hanuman is now alone in this world as all his friends and family perished over the ages, he sets out on many adventures around the globe.

From taking Ravana’s elder brother Ahiravana head-on, destroying a giant wasp’s nest, teaching tax-collectors a fab lesson about looting God’s money, becoming a pet to a roadside beggar, Hanuman literally travels the world.

There is strong belief that Hanuman is immortal in this world as long as Ramayana is recited, and the tale of Lord Rama is reminisced by people. The author builds these forty stories on this basis, highlighting Hanuman’s strength and valor in being the savior of common people, getting rid of the evil.

The author also captures how the world has transitioned over the years — from Rama’s rule of Ayodhya to current times when neighbouring countries are waging wars. The fantasy elements and characters connected to Ramayana will especially thrill young readers.

The final touch given by the author to the book about the false Ramayana narrations in circulation in current times is impressive. This book gives readers a chance to read the adventures of Hanuman beyond what has already been read in Ramayana and it keeps the reader hooked till the end.

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