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Change Your Habits, Change Your Life : Your Guide to an Awesome Life by Ashdin Doctor

My take on the book:

How often do we introspect our habits? Most of us do not even realize the habits we have formed over the years, until a third person points them out. Change your habits, change your life — sounds simple but giving up on habits that have been around for years or decades is not an easy task. At the the beginning of the book, when the author mentioned that even thoughts — both positive and negative are habits, I was surprised, as we often fall into such thought loops unintentionally.

What I particularly liked about this book is that the author does not go into theoretical knowledge of what is a habit and how it is formed, rather explains how to slowly come out of it, if we think it is a bad habit/one that is impacting us negatively.

There is a simple exercise at the end of each chapter that can be followed by the reader to implement the ideas presented in that chapter. The simple language used by the author and how the concepts are explained makes the book easy to read and understand even for novice readers.

The five success stories in the last chapter are however my favorite, as everyday problems faced by us have been solved in a realistic way by the author, by providing suggestions that are relatable and easy to follow. Like how most of us become inactive to borderline obese once we settle down in a desk job or struggle to fall asleep with an overactive mind that refuses to relax even past the bedtime.

While those who already read similar books on habits and approaches to habit change may find some ideas repetitive, the whole crux of identifying the habits that are affecting our life negatively and following a holistic procedure to change them is well outlined in the book.

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