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Change Me — 2nd Edition by Jasmin Waldmann

My take on the book:

Amit is a successful investment banker with a beautiful family consisting of his parents, wife and two young kids. Though he did have few challenges at his workplace with jealous colleagues, Amit overall had a happy life until one day a young team member loses his life owing to sudden cardiac arrest.

After witnessing this tragedy, Amit suddenly realizes the fragility of life and how he has been neglecting his health, and what might happen to his family if a similar fate might befall him. Alarmed at this, Amit plans to hire a personal coach who has been referred by an acquaintance. While Amit assumes personal trainer/coach will suggest a diet plan and an exercise regime, Natalie whom he hires, gives a new definition to these, as she becomes Amit’s life coach.

As Amit navigates through his old life through a new lens, the reader witnesses the life altering experience that Amit goes through — with the 10 R s — or the ten chapters that the book is divided into.

Change me is a self-help book that is written in a unique format — a fictional protagonist whose life transformation the reader witnesses, as the author provides practical solutions to modern day lifestyle issues. The USP of the book is definitely the narration style as setting a nonfiction self-help book in a fictional world makes it very relatable and easy to read.

The book caters quashes the preconceived notions that weight loss and good health are only about physical health as it concentrates on the other important aspects like mental health, emotional health and spiritual health. The drawbacks however are the tips provided may sound simple and generalized, especially if you are looking for some serious inputs from the book.

However, the book will appeal to those who would be interested in picking a self-help book centered around lifestyle and personal coaching but are skeptical on how engaging it would be. I personally found the book very helpful and will be useful to the reader if the tips given in the book can be followed regularly.

My rating: