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Resolute By Design: The Story of Deepak Seth and His Imprint On Global Fashion by Rajendra K. Aneja

My take on the book:

Resolute by Design is the biography of the legendary businessman Deepak Seth written by Rajendra Aneja. From beginning his journey of first order for 6000 shirts from a garage, today Deepak’s group has more than 200 top global retailers as customers. 

At almost 500 pages long with 42 chapters, it is a detailed book chronicling Deepak’s life — both personal and professional. The book spans almost five decades of timeline and obviously has many life lessons as building a successful empire spanning countries and continents is not achieved in a day. Also, a business spanning these decades has endured the way countries have grown along with financial reforms.

The downside of the book is the length, as the content is very detailed, which can also make it boring for a section of readers. If you like biographies and like to read about personal journeys that are about grit, determination and hard work then pick this one, it is a long read but is definitely worth your time. 

My rating: