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Maya: I Bow to Thee, You Cannot be Overcome by Acharya Prashant

My take on the book:

Maya — what does this word signify to you in spiritual context? Maya by Acharya Prashant is a collection of interactions that the author had, in the form of question-and-answer sessions with his audience, which have been translated to one chapter each in the book.

It is interesting to note that the audience who posed these questions are from difference backgrounds and each question has been answered in an elaborate manner by the author that it spans an entire chapter.

Sample these questions — How can someone without deep knowledge of Vedanta understand about Maya? Is there a need to make a big deal of Maya? What is the solution for a complete cessation of all problems?

There are a total 35 chapters and at the end of the book there are additional resources by the author that are available over the internet that can be accessed by interested readers, who want to further explore the concepts discussed in the book.

It is hard to explain or review this book by any common person. Though the language and narration style are simple, the concepts explained are at deeper levels of philosophy and I would suggest this book to only those who are seriously interested in understanding these concepts. Novice readers may not find it difficult to read or understand but may not truly appreciate the plethora of information hidden in these pages.

My rating: