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Go Start Up: Your Best Guide to Unlocking the Values and Culture of Success by Karan Kashyap

My take on the book:

Startup culture has been on the rise and while it is a dream-come-true for aspiring entrepreneurs to have their own startup turn into a successful venture, the important aspects that are often overlooked are the culture and values built for the employees and for the clients. Go Startup emphasizes on this aspect of building and running a successful startup — the book is divided into three sections.

Section one delves on how to build this mindset, section two talks about real life stories with examples and the last section has worksheets for the reader to apply the concepts they learnt so far, along with reference material .The book stays true to the concepts it promises to cover in the blurb. It has good number of flow diagrams and illustrations to convey the concepts easily to the reader.

The book has good jargon that may appeal to serious readers and those who already have exposure to life at Startups. The concepts and advise shared in the books are practical, relevant and to the point. The book covers all the aspects of a Startup like the founder, employees, work culture and the values that need to inculcated from the beginning. Pick this one if you aspire to be an entrepreneur or work at a Startup or simply interested in learning about what makes a Startup a long term success.

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