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Framed in Hollywood: Los Angeles, USA (Cities of Adventure) by Rishi Piparaiya

Publisher: Imaginara Legacies; www.citiesofadventure.com
Pages: 160
Price: Rs. 495 INR(paperback), Rs. 395 INR(Kindle edition)
ISBN: 978–8194952930
Buy here: https://amzn.to/3tBRTgl

My take on the book:

The Landers are visiting Los Angeles as Amy Lander was invited to be the judge for the show ‘The Counter’ — a cooking show with celebrity contestants. Amy was accompanied by her husband Dr. Phineas, kids Neil and Tara and their Labrador Sumo. On their first day in the city, they bump into Sally Sinclair, the doctor’s favorite movie star, and get invited to the shooting of her next movie. 

Sally’s next is being shot in a museum and while the Landers are around, an expensive art piece is stolen, implicating Sally as the prime suspect. Though the Landers want to testify Sally’s innocence, the police would not accept their statement as they were Sally’s guests. Will the Landers be able to find the real culprit and help acquit Sally forms the rest of the story.

The book makes for an amazing read, especially for kids, as Neil and Tara, along with their parents, go on a search to find the real culprit across the streets of Los Angeles. The author has included every nook and corner of the city into the narration, as the hidden clues are discovered by the Landers. The tools made by Papa Lander, that are used by the kids are intriguing. 

The book is filled with illustrations that make for a visual treat. The family banter and the lighthearted humor is sure bring memories of family holidays and picnics. This one is part of the Cities of Adventure series by the author, and I am looking forward to discovering the other cities of USA through this series. 

Pick this one for an exciting virtual trip around Los Angeles; and for a good choice for young kids as a quick holiday read. 

My rating:


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